My name is Josh and I am a mass media and communications student at La Trobe Melbourne, as well as a professional footy tragic. I play footy myself and I am deeply passionate about hurling abuse at the TV on a Saturday night. Raised as a Collingwood supporter in a Hawthorn family, it is very easy for your allegiances to drift over to a side … Continue reading About

Twitter List

Twitter is a highly effective source of information due to the continuous stream of information and its highly public nature. The key to running a blog that specialises in a certain area is to follow twitter accounts that equal parts inform and inspire you on the subject you’re writing about. I use twitter to gather information but to also observe opinion on various issues and stories in football so that I can produce a well-informed and accurate writing piece. These are some of the accounts I have followed to fulfil my criteria.


Titus O’Reily (@TitusOReily) – Titus is a football satirist who has helped me to inspire my writing style and expression of ideas. Continue reading “Twitter List”