Buckley’s Bloody Hit List

It’s a conspiracy at Collingwood. Nathan Buckley’s nefarious plan to purge the Collingwood Football Club of anything that resembles Mick Malthouse continues, with a sacrificial burning of Mick merchandise taking place in the early hours of the morning at the Holden Centre. Players, coaches and other officials were in attendance as one figure was heard to be cackling maniacally, “Lock it in Eddie, lock it in Eddie.”

In other news, Buckley’s 20-year list turnover rolls on unchecked, dropping Travis Cloke to the two’s yet again in a desperate attempt to force one of the last remaining figureheads of the Malthouse dynasty to simply walk out the front doors and never look back. While this may seem like a win-win for… everyone, it further highlights the ineptitude and insecurity of a man who clearly see’s the 2010 premiership coach in his nightmares, and shows that Buckley is in the final stages of the plan to remove the ghosts in his closet.

Furthermore, it seems he has recruited 1990’s Collingwood premiership stalwart Mick McGuane to further plant the seed of dissent, McGuane calling for the sacking of the last great Collingwood pillar Scott Pendlebury from his position as Captain. A mere coincidence?

Where are they now?

The rolling massacre that is the reign of Buckley has claimed many a well-known identity. You might remember a poor bastard by the name of Tom Young, an innocent victim of Buckley’s dictatorial takeover who came in highly at pick 104 at the 2010 AFL Draft. Cut down in his prime after a mere nine games. What a waste.

More notably however, Heath Shaw is running around in career best form in the GWS backline while the current Collingwood backline leaks goals by the Dawson-load. If that’s not a tremendously Sandilands sized smack to the face I don’t know what is.

Chris Dawes, consigned to a fate thought to be worse than the Brisbane Football Club (as opposed to Dayne Beams, who actually was lord bless his soul), has made a tentative place for himself in the forward line of a resurgent Melbourne Football Club.

Neon Leon Davis was recently tearing it up in the WAFL for Perth Football Club before completely disappearing off the face off the earth. We miss you Leon.

What won’t Buckley do to make the Pies his own?

The only iota of hope Collingwood fans can take from all this is that Buckley still isn’t as shit as Justin Leppitsch.

Just a quick shout-out to the Collingwood media team with this lovely tribute to a Pies great. Stay classy kids.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.55.25 PM.jpg


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