Twitter List

Twitter is a highly effective source of information due to the continuous stream of information and its highly public nature. The key to running a blog that specialises in a certain area is to follow twitter accounts that equal parts inform and inspire you on the subject you’re writing about. I use twitter to gather information but to also observe opinion on various issues and stories in football so that I can produce a well-informed and accurate writing piece. These are some of the accounts I have followed to fulfil my criteria.


Titus O’Reily (@TitusOReily) – Titus is a football satirist who has helped me to inspire my writing style and expression of ideas.


The Greenfield Post (@greenfieldpost) – The Greenfield Post offers humorous insights not just into football, but other sports as well.


Fox Footy (@FOXFOOTY) – Fox Footy is helpful for simply staying on top of any news stories coming out of the football world.


Damian Barrett (@barrettdamian) – As well as covering footy news for various news outlets, Damian offers insightful opinions on prominent football issues.


Champion Data AFL (@championdata) – Champion Data offers incredibly detailed statistics which helps to inform and shape my opinion.


Real Footy AFL (@agerealfooty) – Keeping a keen eye on information in the game is key, and an amalgamation of news outlets combined in one account such as Real Footy is incredibly helpful.


Mark Robinson (@Robbo_heraldsun) – Mark Robinson has extensive experience in covering the footy, and has many insightful opinions that help to keep a broad view of all viewpoints in footy.


AFL (@AFL) – All things footy straight from the official Twitter account of the game.


AFL MRP and Tribunal (@AFLTribunal) – The MRP account informs about player charges and suspensions.


Mark Stevens (@Stevo7AFL) – Mark Stevens is the chief AFL reporter for Channel 7, who also hold coverage rights to AFL games.


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