My name is Josh and I am a mass media and communications student at La Trobe Melbourne, as well as a professional footy tragic. I play footy myself and I am deeply passionate about hurling abuse at the TV on a Saturday night. Raised as a Collingwood supporter in a Hawthorn family, it is very easy for your allegiances to drift over to a side with a few cheeky flags under the belt…

The Mediocre Football League is a satirical yet informative and analytical look at football issues from the viewpoint of a footballing cynic. Featuring segments such as the Silly Segment, Daily Gripe and Daily Hype, you won’t find anyone else with such a deep understanding of our football culture, someone with such an eloquent way of expressing the nature of our great game, who also lauds the games mediocrities and discrepancies in such a celebratory manner.

In a motto, the mission of this blog would be “To deliver a standard of football banter befitting of the great people who revel in our great game, while simultaneously curling up in a ball crying over it.”

As fans, we love to watch it but more importantly, we love to talk about it, and I sure as hell love to talk about it.


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